Creative Project – progress report

I’ve decided to make my creative project a social experiment. Using the Scientific method (Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion) I will determine the social effects of the rise of augmented reality facial filters.


  • More and more people are using face filters instead of their natural faces when uploading pictures to social media sites. One of them is Tinder. This is possibly because they think they look better using these beautifying face filters.
  • Here are some differences these face filters do: Soften your skin to remove wrinkles, whiten your skin to make it seem brighter, make your eyes bigger, makes your face skinner, gives you slight make up like mascara, makes your nose skinnier.


  • People who use face filters on their Tinder pictures will get more responses back.
  • They will also get more messages talking about the overall attractiveness of the photos.


  • I will create two Tinder profiles, with the exact same photos. However, one profile will have photos where I have included a beautifying face filter and the other profile will not. I will make the location range as wide as possible and make the sexual preference both male and female to get the widest range of responses. The age range I have will be the automated one my profile started with, age 18-32. I will also swipe yes to as many people as possible to get the most responses. I made my name “Samantha” in order to be somewhat anonymous in case Tinder reports my profile. I will not be responding to messages. I am just gauging that first initial contact.
    • Problems I may encounter
      • I feel like some people may swipe on everyone so it will be harder to gauge if it is because of the photos or not.
      • I feel like some people may call me out on making two accounts and report the accounts.
        • How I may fix that: am going to post the accounts one at a time instead of at the same time to try and avoid people reporting me
        • Each going to be up for 3 days.
        • Going to first post the account with the filtered pics.
  • These are the photos I used: Left column is filter, right is not

Here is my initial profile and what it looks like:


  • Initial reaction: the filtered face profile has been up for a couple of hours now. I have already gotten messages and comments on the fact that I am using a face filter. The message is positive!

Conclusion- TBC

What I am going to compare:

  • How many matches each account gets
  • The specific messages I get
    • Does anyone comment on how ATTRACTIVE they think either profile is?
    • Any mention of the actual photos

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