Final Creative Project

My creative project is a social experiment gauging the public’s response to using augmented reality facial filters in a platform where appearance is key. The facial filters are Snapchat filters that change the way you look by either adding fun elements (like dog ears or flames around you) or subtly changing your face to look more “beautiful.” Often Snapchat implements both ways of changing your appearance. I made two Tinder profiles in order to test this, one only using facial filters and one without. In the end, the results were not drastic enough to make a statement about whether people preferred these filters or not, but it definitely showed how many did not care about the filters or even accepted it as who I am. A couple of responses indicated that they were aware of the filters but still thought the photos were “attractive” even though they are false.

I then filmed a reaction video to my results and edited it to make a cohesive video analyzing my conclusion.

My project is showing the dangers of using these augmented facial filters by exposing how easily people can mistake them for reality. It is supposed to bring awareness to the prevalence of these facial filters and tell people that it is not worth it to compare ourselves to others on social media.

This is relevant to our class through the topic of social media and how we are becoming more immersed in the digital world more than ever. It is sometimes hard to differentiate from a digital reality to a physical one and the implementation of Snapchat’s augmented reality has made it even more difficult. This really says a lot about how society has been evolving with more and more people focusing on their online personalities (Facebook, Linkedn, etc) rather than their real ones. It makes us think about where we are headed as a generation and how much focus we should really be putting in the digital world. How are we supposed to keep up when almost everything is getting computerized? My creative project is supposed to keep us aware of these changes and to not get caught up in what we see online because it is way too easy to fake something and present it as real.

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