Website Self-Assessment

When I first created my website, I had no idea what to do. I remember I went through multiple different themes that WordPress offered and ended up with one that I didn’t really like that much. I don’t quite remember what I ended up choosing initially, but looking back on my first blog post I remember I had some trouble with the banner. I initially chose purple as a theme because it is my favorite color, however I quickly found that the color was more obnoxious and loud than I wanted, often distracting from what was actually on the web page.

I think that is what made me decide to change my whole theme and stick with a white and black simple color scheme. I enjoy having white way more now and feel like it represents a more simplistic version of my original website. Clean and organized website means a clean and organized mind! Making my website seem more minimalistic reminded me of what it feels like to clean my room, a clean and organized website means a clean and organized mind!

I think I definitely accomplished my goals that I wrote in my first blog post: 1. “I think my goals are to really cater this website to me and who I am and to try and reflect that in how my website looks and the content it has. I might consider putting up more personal content like my own photos and writing and also just other content that I find interesting.” –> I added sections for poetry and photos and began to upload them as I saw fit. However, half way through class I learned that all my posts, even my personal ones, ended up being shown on Dr. Allison’s DMCult website and that made me embarrassed to keep posting. I think once this class is done I’ll continue to post more personal things, but for now I do not want to add anymore than what I have.

2. “I think I definitely want to make it simple and easy to navigate and well organized, as I hate websites that are hard to use and look cluttered.” –> I made my website super easy to navigate with just a home page, a contact page, and a side bar with one menu with very easy links to click.

I initially had a banner where I put stars and a moon to make a joke of my last name, but then I realized that it kind of went my new aesthetic. I decided to then make a whole new banner, and because I had so much trouble with my first one, I knew to first check the dimensions of the new theme’s banner and then choose the template on, the same website I used for my original banner. I decided still use a moon in there but mostly just keep it to a simple one of my name. I thought the sunglasses were a funny touch because I wear glasses.

I also wanted to have kind of a funny homepage, after Dr. Allison showed us these websites called Geocity where it looks kind of amateurish and absurd. I made a gif with my face and put some funny stickers in there to personalize it.

I think making a website was harder than I expected because every change you make is something that is public and can be seen. I felt very self conscious about editing my website because I knew that every time I changed something it would show up. This made me worried that I would add a menu or something and it would mess up my whole website without me knowing.

I think I will either use this website or a variation (probably a more professional one) in the future. I really liked how this was a visually pleasing way to put information and maybe even a portfolio or resume.

Making this website really taught me how digital media uses the four digital affordances.

Encyclopedically: making a website showed me all the different information and types of media that I can upload. I found that I can embed videos, post photo sets, and write texts as blog posts. I liked how in various essays we were able to upload gifs or photos on our blog to help support our argument.

Spatially: I had to plan where my menu would be and where the best places to put each link was in order to navigate the website efficiently. I decided to make all my blog posts include a “read more…” section and not have my full post in order to have visitors navigate my website without it being cluttered.

Procedurally: I realized how every thing I blog I wrote had so many rules and commands that I had to set before posting. I had to make sure that it went to my DMcult page, that all my words and texts were organized in the Word Press “new blog post” page, and think about things like font size, font color, when it would post, how visible my page would be, if I would give it tags. I gave my initial posts various tags but then realized that that made my posts public as I began getting strangers “liking” my posts or “following” my blog.

Participatory: I was able to see how every could could participate and interact with an online website. On one hand, I had some people I don’t know find my blog (probably through my use of tagging) and start reacting to posts I made. On the other hand, I was able to look at all my peers posts and websites by going on Dr. Allison’s DMCult page. I really enjoyed having access to my peers works, especially after looking at everyone’s creative projects. I love that we now have this outlet to share our creativity with others but also see what other people create.

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